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The Kentucky Parole Board will make decisions that maintain a delicate balance between public safety, victim’s rights, reintegration of the offender and recidivism.  We will achieve this important balance by application of our Core Values:

     • Knowledge

     • Experience

     • Integrity

Kentucky Parole Board

What are the qualifications for a Kentucky Parole Board member?
The Kentucky Parole Board is composed of nine full-time members.

Board members are appointed by the Governor to four-year staggered terms.  Each board member must have had at least five years of actual experience in the fields of penology, corrections work, law enforcement, sociology, law, education, social work, medicine, or a combination thereof, or must have served five years previously on the Parole Board.  The board members are required to give full time to their duties.

For more information about the Parole Board members, click here.

In addition to the Board members, the Kentucky Parole Board is supported by the Office of the Parole Board and is composed of an Executive Director who is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Board and the Parole Board staff.

For more information about the Parole Board staff, click here.

The Parole Board conducts more than 16,000 hearings annually within the eligibility requirements established by statute and regulation that consider the question of parole for convicted offenders. 

Please note, a two-member panel decision must be unanimous for an offender to be granted parole.  If not, a majority decision must then be rendered by a vote of the full Parole Board.  The offender will then be notified prior to public notification.

When considering an inmate for parole, the Board considers a number of factors, including but not limited to:

• The nature of the offense.
• Any prior juvenile, misdemeanor or felony convictions.
• Input from victims and others who have been affected by the crime.
• Probation and parole history.
• Institutional conduct, rehabilitation programs and psychological evaluations.
• Statements from the sentencing judge and prosecuting attorney.
• Parole Guidelines Risk Assessment.
• Community resources available to help the offender re-enter society.

What Does the Parole Board Do?
The Kentucky Parole Board conducts hearings within the eligibility requirements established by statute and regulation that consider the question of parole for convicted offenders.

For more information about the parole process and the possible outcomes of parole hearings, click here.

What is Parole?
Parole is the supervised release of convicted offenders prior to the full completion of their original prison term.

For other questions you might have about the Kentucky Parole Board or the parole process in general, click here.

Parole Board Decisions
Parole with specific conditions.  If the offender is to be paroled now or in the future, he/she would be under some type of supervision until a specified date.

Deferment, dictating a specific number of months/years before the offender is eligible for another hearing.

Serve-out, which states the offender must spend the remainder of his/her sentence incarcerated.  Afterward, neither the Parole Board nor Probation and Parole have any jurisdiction or control upon the inmate’s release.

Policies & Procedures - Internal
Policies & Procedures - Public
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Parole Board Hearing Schedule

Image of Parole Board Schedule

The Kentucky Parole Board Schedule is posted on this website when released.  Click here to view the current schedule.

The Internal Operating Policies and Procedure of the Kentucky Parole Board, and the orderly conducting of its business, prevent the Parole Board from orally advising inmate's families, victims, or the media of the decision of the Kentucky Parole Board in a particular case until the inmate has been notified of the action of the Board.  Please avoid calling the Board on the day an inmate is considered for parole as it often takes several days for the Board to notify the inmate.


KY Parole Board Application

Interested in applying to become a full time Parole Board Member?  Click the link above for application form.


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